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Erasmus, FCD

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(Permalink) Posted: Nov. 04 2012,11:13   

Quote (Richardthughes @ Nov. 01 2012,10:03)
have some JoeLOLS / Meltdown:

he really is a sucker for anything that is contrarian and suits his culture war. the hilarious thing is that he doesn't really have these ideas himself, he doesn't create anything on his own he just consumes the tard as it comes to him and shits it out all over himself and his blog and smears it every where he goes and the style with which he smears shit is about the only thing worth noting about joe

aint that right joe?  you are in fact so stupid that you not only don't know how they measure these things but you also don't even give a fuck because your amazing talents and skills at being retarded give you a precedent for rejecting science before you even know what it says.

You're obviously illiterate as hell. Peach, bro.-FtK

Finding something hard to believe based on the evidence, is science.-JoeG

the odds of getting some loathsome taint are low-- Gordon E Mullings Manjack Heights Montserrat

I work on molecular systems with pathway charts and such.-Giggles

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