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And Tiktaalik bugs you no end, doesn't it joey? It eats at you night and day and crawls over your skin like an incurable rash. It's a monster that lives under your bed and an irritating itch that you can't scratch. It's the monkey on your back and the fly in your soup. You're obsessed with it because it's a profound example of evolution and common descent and you just won't tolerate anything that goes against your fairy tale belief that the designer allah individually and 'specially' created every 'kind', and especially humans, and especially you.

Joe's "kinds' must be a great stumbling block to him.

We now know that there are many species genetically separated to a degree that interbreeding is impossible, and yet theey may be close to (or even?) impossible to differentiate between morphologically.

I just read about a species of frog that turned out actually to be three different species and yet they share the same habitat and appear as one homogenous species, but they can not and do not interbreed. Yet sharing the same ecological niche, isn't that a nice problem after being separate for 20 million years?

OTOH, species may be very similar in gentoype and yet be very dissimilar in phenotype.

Rocks have no biology.
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