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Quote (OgreMkV @ Oct. 15 2012,15:40)
Quote (keiths @ Oct. 15 2012,15:36)
The KF-Joe "scold and grovel" dynamic:
Joe: Remember, I cannot spend a lot of time policing and cleaning up threads. Kindly, restrain yourself. Namecalling and personal attacks are patently counter-productive: answer a fool according to his folly, and you will be as him, down in the mud of a fever swamp wrestling amidst the filth, where he can probably beat you on experience. Yes, I can see where a well warranted negative conclusion where someone has gone to the point where his/her behaviour goes to character is appropriate; but even in those cases, remember you are dealing with a human being and should not say anything you would not wish said about you in polite company. Thank you. KF

My aplogies kairosfocus, I lost my focus yesterday

A dim, obnoxious toady groveling in front of a hypocritical, sanctimonious windbag.  Lovely.

KF must love Joe.  He could have said "Shut the Fuck Up!"*

* Of course, KF would have said it in 30,000 words, with numerous links to naked ladies and Sam Jackson.

KF (Two posts earlier in the same thread):
Here Toronto is being willfully misleading, hoping to profit by his misrepresentation being perceived as truth.

So, Toronto is being irresponsible and distractive.

Sadly, no surprise.

Joe: Most criticisims of ID stem from ignorance and jealousy.
Joe: As for the authors of the books in the Bible, well the OT was authored by Moses and the NT was authored by various people.
Byers: The eskimo would not need hairy hair growth as hair, I say, is for keeping people dry. Not warm.

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