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Joe G

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In his bullshit article on "Darwininian Evolution on a Chip", Kevin spews:

Michael Behe, in his book Edge of Evolution states that it is impossible for four mutations to happen in a gene to result in a improvement in the resulting protein. He uses the example of resistant malaria, where there are two mutations and states that this is the edge of evolution because thereís probability that these two mutations canít happen in the same gene at the same time.

1-    In a GENE, that means in a complete organism

2-    In an organism the target space is much larger than this example

3-    This example the thing that requires changing gets mutated every time it is placed in the error-prone PCR

4-    With an organism mutations would occur in other parts of the genome and the target gene may not get mutated again

5-    Two, or more mutations occurring in one gene at the same time is just relying on pure luck, which is NOT scientific

6-    I cannot find where Behe says states it is impossible for four mutations to happen in a gene to result in an improvement in the resulting protein- what page/ pages is that on

Also Behe puts the edge of evolution at two new protein-to-protein binding sites. Who cares about how many mutations- you need to have those mutations construct new protein machinery.

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