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Joe G

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(Permalink) Posted: Oct. 14 2012,18:43   

Quote (olegt @ Oct. 12 2012,19:01)
Joe is so cute when he is playing make-believe science.

keiths: To reconstruct an objective nested hierarchy, you need both traits that are stable and traits that are changing.

Joe: Hey, that is what I said- the traits have to be immutable (stable) and additive (changing). I guess I know more about these things than what has been said about me.

LOL. Additive in a mathematical context means compatible with the operation of addition. (See additive function or additive group.) It has nothing to do with being subject to change.

Yes oleg- additive means in addition to, which is the way I have always used it. Also if you add something to something else then you have changed it, duh.

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