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Soapy Sam

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(Permalink) Posted: Oct. 10 2012,07:42   

Quote (olegt @ Oct. 10 2012,06:56)
Joe fondly remembers the good old times Zachriel tried to teach him nested hierarchies:
† † †
Not only that those guys donít seem to understand what a nested hierarchy isÖ

This guy has got to be unique. He has lots of time on his hands but still can't learn a thing.
Joe, just give it up. Science and math aren't your things.

Yes - I hate to be rude about people on the internet (prelude to being rude about someone on the internet), but it is hard to fathom how irrepressibly wrong he can be. People who know plenty of set theory, hierarchies, methods, artefacts and confidence levels in phylogeny inference - they no nuffink. But Joe G does. Messrs Dunning and Kruger have a massive file somewhere marked "subject J".

Evolutionists trust entropy for creation of life but are like men who horse a crocodile to get across a river - niwrad.

The organism could already metabolize citrus. Joe G

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