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Quote (olegt @ Oct. 10 2012,06:56)
Joe fondly remembers the good old times Zachriel tried to teach him nested hierarchies:
Not only that those guys donít seem to understand what a nested hierarchy isÖ

This guy has got to be unique. He has lots of time on his hands but still can't learn a thing.

In another thread, R0bb provides all you need to know to determine the Shannon information content of 500 rolls of a die:

Prior to the rolls, you didnít know what the result would be. After the rolls, you knew that the result was a sequence of 500 1s. Thatís the information you learned. Your uncertainty was reduced by about 1300 bits.

That's the whole example worked out according to Shannon's definition. No less and no more. Joe still can't figure it out:
So 500 1s alone do NOT tell me anything- I need to have information about the entire process. Got it.

Joe, just give it up. Science and math aren't your things.

Joe has the same problem as all creationists I've met to date... they confuse 'information' with 'meaning'.  That's not the only thing Joe confuses, but it explains his 'understanding' of Dembski's work.

Ignored by those who can't provide evidence for their claims.

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