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The whole truth

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And speaking of delusional joey, on Smilodon's Retreat he said:

"Intelligent Design is perfectly OK with mere complexity arising without a designer."

And he said:

"Complexity is defined."

Hey joey, which version of complexity is defined, mere complexity or some other version of complexity? Who defined them and what are the definitions? How many versions of complexity are there? Is there a distinct line between mere complexity and the other versions? What ID-specific tests do you do to differentiate the versions of complexity in objects or processes in nature?

Smilodon said this:

"Joe, first you have to be able to determine the difference between a designed thing and a not-designed thing."

And joey responded:

"Kevin, we can."

First of all joey, who's "we"? Second, list ten things in nature that were/are designed by the alleged designer and ten things that are not. Then, demonstrate how you determined that they are designed or not designed.

And hey joey, can you and the rest of the "we" clan determine whether the alleged designer was designed or not? If so, what is your determination and exactly how did you arrive at it?

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