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(Permalink) Posted: Sep. 23 2012,06:20   

Quote (Soapy Sam @ Sep. 23 2012,13:07)
Quote (Lou FCD @ Sep. 22 2012,11:00)
Crossposting this from the UD4 thread, because it's sure to tickle a few funny bones.

From this thread at Uncommonly Dense.


Joe's attempts to pretend he understands relativity and quantum fizzicks are as much fun as his typos:

As Einstein said the equation tells us they are DIFFERENT manifistations of the same thing.

I shudder to think what a 'manifistation' might entail.

or indeed ....DIFFERENT.

Since DaveTard left there isn't anyone there who does hard science fiction anymore.

Joe seems to jump the shark every time he puts on his lab coat.

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