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(Permalink) Posted: Sep. 17 2012,22:48   

Quote (Joe G @ Sep. 17 2012,20:01)
measuring information- revisited

If I click on this link, will I see:

1) a metric
2) all the necessary equations
3) an example for an organism or protein or DNA sequence
4) justification for any claims of stated amounts of complexity, specificity, information, etc being designed or not  (i.e. if 500 bits of information mean it's designed, why?)

If not (and I'm willing to bet you anything), then it doesn't answer any question I've ever asked you and a complete waste of my time and unfairly adding traffic to your pathetic little blog.

Why don't you just cut and paste the relavent bits (see what I did there?) here and then I'll take a look.

It continues to amaze me how IDiots think that their notions are some big secret.  If I had a hypothesis that would shatter the dominant explanatory paradigm in modern biology, I sure as hell would spend hours discussing it in mind0numbing detail to anyone who asks.  So, post your drivel here, heck, put a copyright statement on it (as if anyone actually cared) if that's what scares you... or is it the fact that you're not even wrong.

Ignored by those who can't provide evidence for their claims.

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