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(Permalink) Posted: Aug. 30 2012,12:31   

Quote (Joe G @ Aug. 30 2012,11:54)
Quote (OgreMkV @ Aug. 28 2012,13:13)
Hi JoeG.  Show this to your purported offspring...

"Joe, what is the evidence for a designer?  What is the hypothesis that is used in experiments to test for a designer?  What is the unit of measurement for information?  How do you measure said information for an organism (you pick, but show your work)?  What values for said information indicate design?  Why?  Is it a scale or is it fixed?  Why?  What is materialism (trick question)?  What is evolution?"

Now, Joe, coward.  Answer the questions.  These are the things you've been preaching about for well over 3 years now (that I'm aware of).  Answer the questions... unless you can't (and we both know you can't).

Answer the questions or admit that your entire set of ID notions are based on your belief in them and faith that there is an intelligent designer.

Or you can do as normal and try to redirect the conversation, call me names, cuss at me, or run away to your blog and put up scathing posts about me that only you and Richard ever see.

Faggot Kevin-

The DESIGN is evidence for the designer and I told you how to determine design from not. IOW the hypothesis is the same as it is for arcaeology and forensics-> namely that when agenicies act they tend to leave traces of their actions behind. But seeing that you are an ignorant fuck you won't understand that.
I have also told you how to measure information in an organism. Again your faggot ignorance means nothing to me.

As for what is evolution, well I provided several definitions in my debate opening with you. Again your ignorance, while amusing, means nothing.

And yes my daughter read the debate and that is how she knows that you are a lying coward.

Nope Joe, you have never told anyone a way to unambiguously determine if some object, any object, is designed or not.  

I'll tell you what, I learn by example more than telling.  So give me an example, explaining what you do and why and why the values you determine (measure or calculate) do what you say they do.

You have never, ever done that.  All you have every been able to point to is an 'example' of how you determined that the definition (from a dictionary) of aardvark is some number of bits.  You have never explained what value of bits separates design from non-design (and why).  You have never explained why all the examples we give you of random information larger than the values you specify are not designed.

You don't do much of anything except yell.  You aren't a very good teacher are you?

You have NEVER told us how to measure information in an organism.  You have described how to measure the information in the English language of a dictionary definition of aardvark, but even that is incorrect in regards to Shannon information.

My ignorance is not the issue.  Your inability to teach and explain your own position is the issue.  I have never met anyone who feels so passionately about a subject, yet absolutely refuses to tell all the wonders of it to someone else.  You are, without a doubt, weird.

Evolution is not under discussion here... still.

Your 'daughter' really read the debate?  Seriously?  So she knows that you didn't address a single point that I made.  You utterly failed to understand the entire point of the debate.  And you completely failed to convince anyone that you even know what you are talking about.

Can your 'daughter' do calculations for the amount of information in an organism?  Can she determine design from non-design?  Maybe she would be willing to come here and explain it, because you sure as heck can't.

Tell me Joe, what's your definition of coward... you keep using that word, I don't think it means what you think it means.  You're the one who gave an empty parking lot as your address when someone offered to meet you.

Ignored by those who can't provide evidence for their claims.

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