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Soapy Sam

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(Permalink) Posted: Aug. 29 2012,03:01   

Quote (blipey @ Aug. 28 2012,22:45)
Quote (Richardthughes @ Aug. 28 2012,16:29)
Joe is very lucky to have the stern hand of KF correcting him. Joe knows his place - subservient and grovelling to KF.

Didn't he admit to posting porn on the thread where KF smacks his ass? Wouldn't that contradict his claim of there being no evidence of his posting porn? I can't be bothered to go look for it--once was enough but I'm sure you intrepid tard-miners will not disappoint.

On a technicality, he is arguing that the 'tunie' image is not pornographic. (So KF must be absolutely OK with it...?) He has also argued that he did not post it to several sites, but to one, with links on the other sites. All of which makes it just fine and dandy. No further questions, Your Honor.

SoapySam is a pathetic asswiper. Joe G

BTW, when you make little jabs like “I thought basic logic was one thing UDers could handle,” you come off looking especially silly when you turn out to be wrong. - Barry Arrington

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