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(Permalink) Posted: May 03 2012,14:14   

Quote (Kattarina98 @ May 03 2012,14:11)
Quote (Woodbine @ May 01 2012,04:32)

Well, it looks like Joe has earned NCSE another 30 bucks. However, he missed a golden opportunity when he used a scientific term when he could have used something fit for a bathroom wall. - No, I'm not going to elaborate.

And now I give you a thing of rare beauty:

Joe G:
Evidence- no one cares what any “theory” says. People care about the evidence. And to date there isn’t any evidence for a self-replicator and no evidence tat a self-replicator can become a living organism.

Joe, living organisms are self-replicators.

Joe G:
Humans are living organisms and we are not self-replicators.

Well, in all fairness, it's unlikely that Joe has any experience with that.

...(or ever will)

ETA: And that's something for which the universe is eternally grateful.

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