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Quote (Kattarina98 @ April 14 2012,12:34)
Quote (Robin @ April 13 2012,18:56)
It's wrong on so many levels, but it deserves of POTW!

You are right, it was a quick and dirty job and shows poor craftsmanship. I am aware of several flaws - two of them are the clown's mask and the lighting-, but please pm me if you have ideas how to do better.

@ Rich: I'm still recovering from a complicated tibia fracture and just about able to wear granny shoes, so I can only wistfully look at my high heels. The cancelled geology sightseeing trip to Scotland dwindles to insignificance compared to that.

I think the "wrong on so many levels" comment was probably directed at the very disturbing implications of the image, not its execution.

All the same PotW aproved!

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