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Joe G

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(Permalink) Posted: April 06 2010,13:10   

Quote (FrankH @ April 04 2010,17:17)
Well, I hope Joe G. takes this as a serious attempt to see where both sides stand.  So Joe, I and others have done two things:

1:  Presented Evidence that supports Evolution

2:  Shown that many here understand CSI and EF but feel that it is not adequate to do what Dr. Dembski has stated it does.

So are you going to show us an example of evidence FOR ID and how EF and CSI work on biological systems?


ID is not anti-evolution. IOW evidence for evolution is meaningless.

Neither you nor anyone else has provided any positive evidence for blind, undirected processes.

As for the EF how do you think scientists determine the cause now?

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