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(Permalink) Posted: April 03 2010,15:29   

Quote (Joe G @ April 03 2010,14:34)
Quote (Jim_Wynne @ April 03 2010,08:50)
Quote (Joe G @ April 03 2010,08:04)
Quote (FreeMason @ Mar. 31 2010,11:14)
C'mon, this can't be real.

Measuring the information of an aardvark by analyzing the characters in the dictionary definition of aardvark?

He's just having some fun with you folks. Granted that he is dedicated, but that can be a symptom of extreme boredom as well as extreme zealotry.

That is false.

Only a complete imbecile would think I was measuring the information of an aardvark by analyzing the characters in the definition.

Definitions are examples of specified information

1-The definition I provided is an example of specified information.

2-I then measured the information contained in that definition.

3- It was an EXAMPLE of how to measure SI to see if CSI is present.

Yes or no- do you understand that?

I understand but not completely.  I've developed a secret written language (SWL). In my SWL, the definition of "aardvark" is written like this:


Note that the bold type face is part of the SWL definition. If "gkjassdhjkjyenb" is not bolded, it means "platypus."

How much information is contained in my SWL definition? Does the "aardvark" definition contain more information than the "platypus" definition? Does either definition indicate the presence of CSI?


Just because you can prove that you are an asshole doesn't mean anything to ID.

Do you understand that?

In Joe's little world, the definition of "asshole" is "person who asks questions I can't answer." Which means the world is full of assholes, and I'm in good company.

Evolution is not about laws but about randomness on happanchance.--Robert Byers, at PT

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