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Quote (blipey @ Mar. 13 2010,20:51)
Quote (olegt @ Mar. 13 2010,20:32)
Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Joe points out places where size=mass and expresses hope that this is a universal phenomenon:

blipey: In what world does the word "size" mean "weight"?

Joe: In boxing, UFC, wrestling- most sports.  I am sure it has a bearing in mechanics too, as well as electronics.  I am sure in science it is perfectly normal to answer the question of size with that of mass... Size is both.  Educated people have a big word- we use DIMENSIONS- if that is what we wish to convey.

Of course, boxers are sorted by weight class, which Joe attempts to define as a combination of height, weight, and anywhere from 13 - 73% reach?

The boxer's size is a combo- height/ weight with a little reach thrown in.

Seems Joe G over-reached himself this time.

Rocks have no biology.
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