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(Permalink) Posted: Mar. 14 2010,04:21   

Quote (blipey @ Mar. 13 2010,20:51)
Quote (olegt @ Mar. 13 2010,20:32)
Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Joe points out places where size=mass and expresses hope that this is a universal phenomenon:

blipey: In what world does the word "size" mean "weight"?

Joe: In boxing, UFC, wrestling- most sports.  I am sure it has a bearing in mechanics too, as well as electronics.  I am sure in science it is perfectly normal to answer the question of size with that of mass... Size is both.  Educated people have a big word- we use DIMENSIONS- if that is what we wish to convey.

Of course, boxers are sorted by weight class, which Joe attempts to define as a combination of height, weight, and anywhere from 13 - 73% reach?

The boxer's size is a combo- height/ weight with a little reach thrown in.

Seems Joe G over-reached himself this time.

YEC creationists denigrate science without an inkling of what their lives would be without it. YEC creationism is an enrageous, abominable insult to the the human intellect.

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