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That thread is a gem. Joe redefines size to include weight and teaches us how science must be conducted:

Joe: So how the fuck can a piece of granite be baseball-sized?

Thorton: It can be a sphere with a circumference between 9 and 9 1/4 inches, same as an actual baseball.

Joe: Then it would weigh more than a baseball which means it is not "baseball-size".

blipey: If a shoe box is 5" X 8" X 14" and I have a loaf of bread that is 5" X 8" X 14", it is perfectly acceptable to say that the loaf of bread is the size of a shoebox.

Joe: I disagree. Well perhaps it is OK to say that in an informal gathering of imbeciles- perhaps even a formal gathering. But never in a scientific setting- never when discussing science. It is OK to say y=the shoe box and loaf of bread have the same dimensions. But if they do not weigh the same then they are not the same size.

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