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(Permalink) Posted: Mar. 13 2010,11:14   

Quote (Albatrossity2 @ Mar. 13 2010,07:11)
Quote (blipey @ Mar. 12 2010,23:02)
JoeTard now claims that it is impossible for rocks to be baseball sized!!!  In other news, bread boxes don't exist...

ID wunderkind destroys the notion of comparative language!

blipey, I'm so glad that you have the mental shielding needed to engage cakeboy on his blog. You deserve a medal, for sure. That exchange is a tardification classic!

Wow. Just wow.

Joe G: So how the fuck can a piece of granite be baseball-sized?

Yes, blipey has done us all a great service. We salute his memory.

Oh, he survived? Really? Doesn't seem possible. What he must have endured!

The struggle against ignorance is to the end of time. But it is said that if you die in tard, you will be reborn in Tardhalla.

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