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Quote (fnxtr @ Mar. 01 2010,12:47)
Quote (Quack @ Mar. 01 2010,09:38)
Sadly the Hillman Minx was before my time, even though it was a lovely* vehicle.


*Lovely doesn't necessarily mean it worked!

I thought so. But I drove it for two years without a hitch and with the then new-fangled radial tires it was a dream to drive - for that time in history at least.

It had leather upholstery, what we called a 'sofa seat' and a column mounted gear shift handle.

I miss bench seats. So many lost opportunities with buckets.

Way back in high school I had a beater 68 Plymouth Satellite with bench seats.  That led to what back then we called "COD" turns for "come over darling" - a hard right hand corner so your girlfriend would end up in your lap.   Also known as an "SOB" turn - "slide over babe!"

"CO2 can't re-emit any trapped heat unless all the molecules point the right way"
"Global warming can't be real because it still gets cooler at night"
"All the evidence supports Creation baraminology"

Whizz-dumb from Joe Gallien, world's dumbest YEC

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