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Stephen Elliott

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(Permalink) Posted: Feb. 27 2010,02:49   

Quote (digitus impudicus @ Feb. 26 2010,21:10)
Why is there such a strong correlation between:

Creationism/Rednecks(southern and northern varieties)/fundamentalism/ autos that are fast in a straight line/cars that cannot corner/ cars parked in trees

GN and GNX's were worthless in corners.  They were fast in a straight line for their time, but there are many cars before and since those that are faster in a straight line.

Besides, TVR's and any Lotus's could wipe the asphalt with a GN.   Hell, the Elise can do it with about 100 less BHP (if my memory serves me right)

PS - even if my memory isn't right on the difference between the BHP difference between and Elise and a GN, the wiping the asphalt with the GNX still applies in the quarter mile

PPS - leaving the quarter mile for any sort of twisty bits, the Elise doesn't just wipe the asphalt with the remains of the GN, it scrapes it off of the Elises dainty tires

PPPS - Don't get me started on the comparison of a GN and an Exige...

PPPPS - stopping before I sound too much like GEM of TKI

The Lotus elise is just about the prettiest car I can think of. I want me one.

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