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Quote (fnxtr @ Feb. 24 2010,22:56)
Quote (Ptaylor @ Feb. 24 2010,13:02)
Quote (Louis @ Feb. 25 2010,09:50)
Tardenafil citrate overdose you suspect, Doctor?

Either that or Tardalafil.

ETA - erm, sorry, medicines info is what I do for a day job

Really? Can you explain pharmaceutical nomenclature? Or do they just make up cool sounding names? I mean the generic names, not brand names.

That'd be a far more interesting read than the pissing contest with GI Joe.

The only drug I've been involved with that's made it to market was named in a cross department lottery. Everyone interested sent in a suggestion and there was a prize if your name was chosen (a bottle of something). However, there are name generating methods (these were a fallback in the case I mention) because they can't use words that actually mean anything in most languages. Unfortunately I don't know precisely how the generators work, I have enough to worry about making the damn things/getting them to work etc. Usually they're referred to as "that fucking COX2-inhibitor" or something similar. ;-)



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