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Quote (JohnW @ Feb. 22 2010,13:38)
Dr Dr D:
Plagiarism is the misrepresentation of another's work as one's own. When the professor concludes that a student has plagiarized an assignment, the student will receive the grade of zero for the assignment, and the office of the Vice President for Student Affairs will be notified about the incident. The same actions apply to other acts of academic dishonesty such as cheating on examinations (see Ethical Conduct section in SWBTS catalog).

And let's not forget his defense of quotemining when I busted him for it in "Dembskiís Five Questions: Number One." That was in June of 2004. Nobody much paid attention to it until D^3 responded hizself on 26 April 2005, Quoting, Misquoting, Quote-Mining.

This too might have gone unheralded, except that a few months later Jason Rosenhouse wrote about it in Skeptical Enquirer, "Why do Scientists Get So Angry when Dealing with ID Proponents?".

Not surprisingly, nearly all subsequent references are to Jason's piece.

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"Science is the horse that pulls the cart of philosophy."


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