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Tom Ames

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(Permalink) Posted: Feb. 22 2010,14:06   

Just in case any of WMAD's students are looking for a way to fulfill Course Requirement #4:

(4) 3,000-word record of interactions with contrary websites, totaling at least 10 posts
and giving URLs for posts 10 percent positive. Due by last class meeting. This is
where you get to mix it up with people on the other side of the debate over faith and
science. It will open your eyes.

and would like to do so without the dishonesty and pretense that we've seen to date, here is the place to do it.

Two requests:
1. Don't insult our intelligence by pretending that you're not approaching the question from the specific perspective of a particular faith-tradition;

2. At least TRY to engage the substance of what you read. This is an opportunity to ask questions and to learn, not to take a stand in the culture wars.

You're free to say anything, of course (no censors here). However, we all have plenty of experience with the mock-humility that sometimes acts as a cover for self-righteousness. If you approach people here with some amount of GENUINE respect, you'll see that respect reflected back.

Even your classmate DAEVANS is welcome to try again if he or she can be honest and respectful.

"It will open your eyes."

I'll bump this as the last class day--April 28--approaches.

-Tom Ames

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