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Quote (fusilier @ Jan. 25 2012,07:25)
Quote (Wesley R. Elsberry @ Jan. 24 2012,23:48)
OK, another right-wing blogger holds forth, this time on how Genie Scott is a "science nazi".

So I responded:

Just FYI, RKB's expertise is in banking, but I've never seen him commenting on Wall Street financial shenanigans, or the mortgage crisis, or....  It's all YEC all the time.

OTOH, he isn't like FL.   I'd be glad to have lunch with RKB.

Back when Bentley used to post on CARM, he was asked about the 'dishonesty' in his own profession (in an exchange on the usual 'evos are all liars' thing).  He allowed that not all bankers were honest, because people are sinners, but somehow he didn't get the double standard he was employing.

I've not visited his blog in some time, but I was amused by hos bio - he gets all humble about how he is not a scientist and all this, then goes on to declare that he sees the things that all those evo scientists can't and so.

Me?  I'd have coffee with him if only to throw it in his face.

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