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Wesley R. Elsberry

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Answers In Genesis (AiG) is conflicted. It would like to keep money that the local municipality, Williamstown, claims in a $0.50/ticket "safety fee" tax, which comes to about $700,000 this year. So it "sold" the Ark Park from a for-profit front corporation to a non-profit religious corporation ... for $10. The state of Kentucky noticed this, and sent notification that the non-profit was not eligible for the $18 million in tax breaks the state had agreed to with the for-profit front corporation. AiG apparently is bright enough to work out that $18M is more than $0.7M, and so have accomplished the "sale" of the Ark Park back to the original for-profit entity. This is apparently done in the fervent hope that Kentucky will simply forget about the spiteful maneuvering that just happened and restore the $18M tax break as if nothing at all happened.

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