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[quote=OgreMkV,Dec. 02 2010,11:47][/quote]
I guess there are now two questions?

1) Who is going to sue first for a First Amendment violation (you'd think a 300 cubit ark was a pretty obvious endorsement of one religion)?

I don't think this is going on public land and as the announcement notes it's being privately funded. I don't see where the first amendment violation would stand. That the governor is endorsing this is an interesting fine-line issue, it seems he's been careful about noting he's promoting it because of the employment impact. I doubt this will be an issue.


2) If no one sues, then when will the first Muslim theme park open?  Complete with rental burkahs and those that don't bow when the bell rings get blown up.*

* Yes, I'm being objectionable and stereotypical of the muslim religion.  deal with it.

When some well-funded conservative Muslim group decides that such a venture will further its goals. Until then, it won't happen.

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