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Peter Henderson

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(Permalink) Posted: Oct. 14 2010,05:09   

I largely agree with the clergy letter project Wesley, don't get me wrong and I agree with your comments.

However, every time Coyne (who I regard as far more extreme than Dawkins) makes one of these tatements he does the project no good and I become really quite dismayed.

It gives the YECs like Sarfatti ammunition, in my opinion. "See, we told you so, even Atheists can recognise there's a problem with evolution and Christianity". It also drives Christians who are wavering on the issue into the hands of the likes of Ken Ham.

Coyne's really saying that Christian's have to make a choice. Unfortunately, many will make that choice and become YECs, rather than give up their faith for the sake of science.

Last time Richard Dawkins was a guest on talkback (BBC Radio Ulster), he pointed listeners who accepted evolution and who were Christians in the direction of Francis Collins and Kenneth Miller.

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