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Peter Henderson

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(Permalink) Posted: Oct. 13 2010,18:43   

I usually look at AiG's website every few days, just to see what new and unusual claims they are due to come up with next.

Today's article, quite a highly technical piece on peat moss, is written by someone called Duanne D. Miller, PhD:

Interestingly, AiG don't tell us anything at all about the author. I'd never heard of the guy so i did a quick Google. This is what I turned up. He's written two further articles on creationism:

Now I can't find anything else about Duanne D. Miller PhD, other than there's a member of staff at the University of Tenessee with that very same name:

and with a very impressive C.V.:

Is this the same Duanne D. Miller ?

It kind of got me wondering, just how many highly qualified US educaters are YECs without anyone even realising it ?

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