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Quote (khan @ Feb. 27 2010,09:40)
Good a place as any to post this:

Large amounts of crazy

This is a large dose of serendipity: I have just been having a little bit of back and forth with Mr. Horvath on the "Religion" forum, toward the end of "Why Christianity and Nazi Germany were NOT mutually exclusive!" He has just published a book by Joseph Keysor, "Hitler, the Holocaust, and the Bible: A Scriptural Analysis of Anti-Semitism, National Socialism, and the Churches in Nazi Germany."

It seems that the Holocaust was caused by Darwin. Sounds like a cheap knock-off of Richard Weikart's "From Darwin to Hitler."

Keysor, like Horvath is a far-right YEC. Keysor's primary degree is in Eastern European Studies from a small religious college, and an MA in "adult education." He teaches English.

"Science is the horse that pulls the cart of philosophy."


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