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Peter Henderson

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(Permalink) Posted: Jan. 15 2010,18:50   

More from Snelling, this time a new book which is an update of the Genesis Flood, apparently:

Finally, the long-awaited update to the Morris/Whitcomb classic, The Genesis Flood! This huge 2-volume set is filled with up-to-date geological evidence that demonstrates the authority and accuracy of the Bible’s account of creation and the Flood. Step by step, respected Australian geologist Dr. Andrew Snelling examines evolutionary interpretations of the geologic record and deconstructs the misplaced assumptions and conclusions on which those interpretations are based. With in-depth scholarly research and insight, he then constructs a biblical geologic model for earth history and concludes that the claims of Genesis 1–11 are true. Topics covered include:

The biblical record of the Flood
Arguments used against the global Genesis Flood
Noah, the Ark, and the animals
The framework for a scriptural geology
A biblical geologic model of earth history
Includes 126 chapters, selected bibliography, index and numerous color figures/illustrations

Is anyone up for a review ? Obviously lots of new claims.

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