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Peter Henderson

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(Permalink) Posted: Jan. 07 2010,07:09   

As far as I am concerned I donít for a second think that his argument is of much relevance for the question of the age of the Earth or the planetís geological and biological history.

Try telling that to a YEC though Quack. Uneducated YECs will read this and thoroughly digest it as real scientific research that proves the Earth isn't at least 3.8 billion years old (the oldest terrestrial rock dates) and that serious flaws exist with radiomatric dating techniques. Someone in geology circles needs to have a look at this so called research and inform us lesser educated individuals what Snelling's claims actually are, how and why he has deduced a 6,000 year old Earth from them, and why his "research" is flawed.

It's a pity talkorigins isn't updating anymore and that the site has been left to fester somewhat. A shame.

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