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See, I still disagree that 'information is power and currency in the modern world'.

People want what they want and no amount of information will change that.

At least where I was (briefly) involved in politics, I was all who you knew and who you were willing to do favors for.  Everyone 'knew' that the people in positions were crooked as a three dollar bill, but they still got elected again and again.

I'm not really sure how you mean information is key to power.  I can kinda see it's key to gaining power (who you know, but also what power you give up to them).  But it's also about restricting information to those that are not in power.  BY creating enough confusion in information, one can mask their role in 'questionable' events, even if those events are recorded for all time.

Sorry blathering here again.

Ignored by those who can't provide evidence for their claims.

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