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Quote (OgreMkV @ Oct. 27 2009,15:56)

When democracy is full of people like this, then the decisions of democratic leaders will not be optimal... for anyone.  The power really is in the people, just in the wrong people.

Heh. I remember having an argument with a "conservative" about the "disintegration of the Nuclear Family." His view was basically it was all the fault of them damn libruls and their fancy-book larnin' that left God out of the picture, etc. You know the arguments, I'm  sure. All social ills are due to liberals in the post-WW2 world. It's like others on this site mentioned about paternalistic structures.

So, I cite data showing parents, esp. women with kids being forced to increasingly find work and fail in parenting due to economic pressures brought about by conservative values in corporate-capitalist environments. (both parents "having " to work to keep up with the Joneses in an industrialized world). I point out that increased information flow and education can help alleviate the problems, but..that didn't make him feel comfy so I was dismissed as an egghead godless liberal. "Smart" is dangerous and threatening. It presents the potential of change, which is itself threatening and the notion of complex solutions to complex problems means actual, thinking, which is also skeery.

Fuck, it's like one big vicious feedback loop.

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