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I think the disturbing thing to me is that these groups/people that gain some measure of power, suddenly feel as if they are the answer to everything and they know all.  

I mean, consider Floyd.  He really doesn't have a clue as to why we don't see his vision.  He has been indoctrinated for (probably) all of life that a certain way is correct.  When presented with reality, he can't say that he's wrong without ripping the rug out from under his whole life.

Same thing with politicians.  Scientists and researchers can present thousands of facts and studies that show x is really actually a good thing.  But to someone who has voted against x for a long time, admitting being wrong is worse than death itself.

We look at these people and say, 'Geez, they're dumb'... and maybe they are.  Or maybe they don't have the courage to stand up and say, 'wow, that changes everything'.  Or maybe they really have been brainwashed so much that they really CAN'T see reality.

Again, the scary part is that these are the people in control of our lives, in a very real sense.  Almost the entire Texas School Board is made up of these religious nuts.  They want everyone to vote against allowing state money to be used for university research grants, 'because those schools should be teaching'.

I'm really nervous about my kid ending up a smart, but second class citizen, because he is smart.

Ignored by those who can't provide evidence for their claims.

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