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Quote (improvius @ Oct. 26 2009,14:49)
Quote (OgreMkV @ Oct. 26 2009,15:45)
Is it inherit in humanity to want to be special and therefore use mysteries to control others?  If this is the case, then is intelligence required to be a leader or is it more intuition akin to animal cunning?

It seems that the only real requirement to being a leader is the will to do so.  Most people don't really want to be in charge.  It's always easier to let someone else make the big decisions.  So if you really want to be a leader, no matter how stupid or ignorant you are, it won't be too hard to find someone to follow you.

I kinda think most people do want to be in charge, but they fear the consequences of being in charge and being wrong, or doing wrong.

I tend to view humans as (in loaded terms) innately selfish and lazy. Selfish in the sense of desiring to live and reproduce, lazy in the sense of attempting to do so at the least differential cost.

In other critters, social hierarchy isn't that difficult, but with humans, it gets real complicated. When you're wrong about leading your group, the penalties are usually more than an ass-kicking, as with other primates. A baboon that fails to lead the troop to fruiting trees in time to save some starving members won't get killed, from what I have seen.

This is another reason that the swiss-army knife (multipurpose tool) of religion is useful: it allows leaders to pawn off "guilty responsibility" on spirits or gods or demons.

Act with bad leadership like that in a human group and it might well mean death at the hands of the coalitions that form against you, when you fail to bring about desired results to save lives. BUT if you pretend that evil spirits are really responsible and that you have access to that special knowledge, then you can manipulate others much more effectively and save your own life for as long as you can bullshit well.

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