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Quote (deadman_932 @ Oct. 26 2009,13:46)
Well, you seem to be emphasizing ideological power over other forms, which is kind of problematic from a historical-archaeological POV -- if that's what you're suggesting.

Either way, it's still information that underlies religious or other ideological powers. This is why it becomes "mystified," to use a social science term.

Religious leaders claim to have special access to knowledge (information) that is granted them by (an, a) ancestor/spirit/god/gods. They use rituals and language that is designed to mystify outsiders and confer special status on the holders of power.

I try to see things from as simple a view as possible, in regard to social complexity. I prefer looking at hunter-gatherers first, then move up the social-complexity chain. Look at how shamans operate.

I agree with that.  I mean look at L. Ron Hubbard.

But then again, the entire politcal process (as practiced in America and I, believe, the UK as well) and judicial processes have many of the same 'mystical' trappings to the uninitiated.  

Is it inherit in humanity to want to be special and therefore use mysteries to control others?  If this is the case, then is intelligence required to be a leader or is it more intuition akin to animal cunning?

Ignored by those who can't provide evidence for their claims.

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