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Quote (fnxtr @ Dec. 29 2009,20:06)
Quote (Albatrossity2 @ Dec. 29 2009,15:56)
Quote (Advocatus Diaboli @ Dec. 29 2009,17:32)
The story unfolds. IDeists are up for a fight, for freedom!

Gotta love the fact that the LATimes put that story in the "Entertainment" section!

Intelligent design is the theory that an intelligent being, rather than impersonal forces such as Darwinian natural selection, is responsible for shaping life on Earth.

Somebody's going to educate Mike Boehm, right? Right?

Unfortunately it's a little late for that. We should adopt the Disco Tute's strategy and get them when they're young and impressionable. You know; train a child in the way he should go, yadda yadda yadda, all that good bullshit.

Ninja edit:

The AFA had planned an Oct. 25 screening of two films at the Exposition Park museum -- one a short Imax movie called "We are Born of Stars," which favors Darwin's theory

The fuck is this? Seriously, Mike?

The next time Dennis O'Leary starts BAAWWWing about how the media and press are biased towards "Darwinism" I'm going to switch her arthritis pills with high-strength laxatives.

I quickly Googled "We Are Born of Stars" and this came up as the synopsis:

WE ARE BORN OF STARS is the first Anaglyph single projector 3D film created for IMAX/IMAX Dome projection. Using computer graphics, the film traces the development of life from the formation of atomic nuclei in stars to the molecular structure of water and DNA, zooming the audience through the five-billion-year evolution of our solar system.

I'm pretty sure Jebus will actually come back before the laymen get it into their heads that the origin of life has nothing to do with Charles Darwin.

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