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Doc Bill

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(Permalink) Posted: Oct. 10 2009,13:55   

Robert Crowther has his panties in a bunch because the California Science Center cancelled a showing of the DI's latest bucket of propaganda bilge, "Darwin's Dilemma."  Oh, I'm sorry, it's not the DI's bucket of bilge, it's Illustra Media's bucket of bilge.

Boo hoo.

Crowther is outraged, OUTRAGED that the CSC, a "department of the state of California" not only cancelled the showing, but furthermore refuses to tell the Disco Tute why.

Let's do a little investigating, science if you will, of our own and see what we can find.

Well, for a start the contract to show the film was not between the CSC and the DI, but rather between the CSC and an organization called the American Freedom Alliance.  Seems to me that the CSC is well within it's bounds not to discuss a contract with a party that's not party to the contract.  You'd think with all the lawyers crawling around the DI they'd have someone who would understand that, but maybe they asked Luskin.

The DI even tried to be SUPER HELPFUL (loading the gun) by issuing a Press Release on their own (ready, aim ...) about the event and how it stars fellows from the DI (FIRE!!).  

An independent press release.

All by themselves.  Not in association with the AFA or the CSC.

Now, cast your minds back to those balmy days at Baylor when Dembski ascended to the throneship of the newly formed Polanyi Institute for Witches and Warlocks.  President Sloan stood up for Dembski and the controversial institute and that was that.

Until Dembski issued the famous un-collegiate email which said basically "Nanny nanny boo boo, it's Waterloo for you!" and got himself removed from the position and the Institute closed.  Nice job, Mr. Smooth.  Shoot feet much?

According to Bobby-C the contract was cancelled due to "issues related to the contract."  What "issues?"

OK, check this out from the CSC website on How To Host An Event At the CSC Good:


It is required that the Event Services Office approve, for technical and factual accuracy, all promotional materials mentioning the California Science Center produced for your event (including invitations, programs, press releases, etc.) prior to printing or broadcast. Please allow sufficient time for this approval.

My bold, DI's bad.

Seems to me that the DI failed to follow procedures and issued a press release mentioning the CSC without their approval.  At the very least the DI should have coordinated their press release with their partner, the AFA.   Could be that the DI was well within its rights to issue any kind of press release they like.  After all the contract was with the AFA who was merely hosting the DI's film which is not the DI's film.  Could be that the AFA said, "The DI did it, not us!"  Could be that the CSC told the AFA, "Next time keep your mutt on a leash."

Could be, could be.  Who knows?  Well, the CSC and the AFA know, and the CSC isn't talking.

That leaves one source of information, the AFA, and one source of speculation, the DI.

Hey, Bobby, why don't you call up the AFA and ask them why the contract was cancelled rather than running around with your hair on fire?  Then let us know the whole story.  Wouldn't that be better than all your speculating?  Or mine?

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