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Quote (dheddle @ Nov. 05 2009,12:03)

Again I have to disagree. In our own solar system there are ~8.5 planets and ~175 moons. And it looks like only earth supports complex life. And I don't think any of us would be surprised if it is the only orb in our solar system with any life. So the question is not really whether earth is privileged, our own solar system sets the upper level of its privileged character at ~ one in a hundred.  The question is only one of degree.

And I also disagree that none of Gonzalez's arguments are valid. I see nothing scientifically invalid, for example, in his idea of a galactic habitability zone.That is independent of whether it turns out to be correct. As a scientific concept it it is valid in the sense that it merits consideration. Whether it stands the test of time--who knows.

See Ogre's post above. To add to that, as I noted earlier, how many of these 8.5 planets and 175 moons have we spent any time actually studying in any kind of detail? 2 of them? Woohoo...that presents a big area of assumption if one is going to say, "our solar system doesn't appear to have any other life." To move the goal posts and say "complext life" begs the question further - why are you presuming how to evaluate life and why are you presuming the complex is somehow an indication of something significant?

As to your statement about that you disagree that none of Gonzalez's arguments are valid, I wasn't trying to imply such - hence I used the term "argument" in singular. If I gave that impression, my apologies. The fine-tuned argument is, however, invalid and has no merit. It is question begging based on a reversal of logic and holds no place in science.

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