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Quote (nmgirl @ Nov. 05 2009,11:45)

Help me out here guys.  i am new to posting to these boards with the IDiots but I see the same things everywhere.  Why are most of their posts cut and paste of other people's words.  Are people like FL incapable of presenting their thoughts in their own words?

By and large I think it is because they think that some of the statements made by other "smart" ID folk sound intelligent and correct even if they don't understand it. Keep in mind, a lot of the slock the FL (et al) post is specifically fuzzy about a lot of the details but very straight forward about supporting the Big Tent perspective. I'm sure the FL and most other ID/Creationist types haven't a clue what 80% of the stuff they post even means and why, when really examined, it falls apart, but they don't really care because they believe it's true because it sounds good and implies what they want to hear.

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