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Quote (dheddle @ Nov. 05 2009,12:03)
Again I have to disagree. In our own solar system there are ~8.5 planets and ~175 moons. And it looks like only earth supports complex life. And I don't think any of us would be surprised if it is the only orb in our solar system with any life. So the question is not really whether earth is privileged, our own solar system sets the upper level of its privileged character at ~ one in a hundred.  The question is only one of degree.

And I also disagree that none of Gonzalez's arguments are valid. I see nothing scientifically invalid, for example, in his idea of a galactic habitability zone.That is independent of whether it turns out to be correct. As a scientific concept it it is valid in the sense that it merits consideration. Whether it stands the test of time--who knows.

I disagree heddle.  I would be very surprised if Earth is the only body with any form of life in our solar system.  Ganymede, Europa, and Titan all look pretty good for some form of life.  Heck, comets have complex organic molecules on them.

Again, and this is the big problem (as a testable science) with the arguements as presented, we have to visit every rock (and indeed gas giant and for that matter star) and determine if life is present or not.  And, while we do that, we may have to radically change our definition of life.

I can agree... up to a point about a 'galactic habitability zone' if you include 'for humans'.  I know I wouldn't want to live a few parsecs down from the black hole(s?) in the center of the galaxy... but that's not to say that some form of life wouldn't find it very pleasant.  

Again, it's not science because it's not testable.  At best, it's logical philosophy.  Ask me again in 65,000 years or so and I may have a different answer because science may have caught up with philosophy as has happened any number of times.

Ignored by those who can't provide evidence for their claims.

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