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Quote (FloydLee @ Oct. 02 2009,10:46)
If at least 1 (one) Christian is able to reconcile his faith with evolution, then both are compatible, and this even if YOU don't agree!

That Christian you speak of, should therefore be able to specifically state HOW he or she has reconciled evolution with their Christianity, (what specific supportable reasons they subscribe to for claiming a reconcilation).

And also sort of speak about HOW the clear published statements by evolutionists that constitute the Big Five Incompatiblities have been neutralized or reconciled by their stated reasons.  (Or if not, then he or she should honestly admit they've not been reconciled after all.)

At a minimum, they should simply be able to say what they believe or don't believe like Nmgirl did and just leave it at that.  That's honorable, even if it doesn't reconcile anything.

Why?  I don't owe you jackshit.  My faith is in God, not some IDiot hopeing to score points with the home team.

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