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(Permalink) Posted: Sep. 22 2009,14:05   

Quote (FloydLee @ Sep. 22 2009,13:56)
It was YOU that decided to challenge me on "show me any physics text that says these things " -- Remember what you posted? It's DIRECTLY above on THIS page:

Hey, I acknowledged that you made an okay HRW physics textbook catch relative to the item you specifically mentioned--whether Genesis was literally true "in every aspect.  Your Big Bang quote, via inference, would indeed challenge the claim of a young earth.  I let you know you got a catch there, didn't I?

I'm just reminding you that the usefulness of your one Big Bang quotation IS limited.  You yourself made clear that the quotation's applicability extends ONLY to it's contradicting of the YEC claim of a young earth.

So (although I commend you again for astutely finding that physics textbook quotation), please don't try to pretend that you came up with a physics textbook (or any other science's textbook) quotation that actually applies to any of the Big Five Incompatibilities.
You most certainly did not.  

So you have not yet defeated the thread topic of Incompatibility---not even close, Deadman.

(Furthermore, Your particular belief in the Big Bang clearly does NOT resolve any of the Big Five at all.)


I never said that that particular quote was applicable to any of your "Big Five" anything. Period.

I simply made a point that you tried to challenge, unsuccessfully.

When you got smacked in the gob with it, THEN you tried to shift goalposts in a shameful display.

I weep for humanity now.

How, oh, HOW can I trust anything you say anymore, Floyd?

P.S. Floyd: Are you a YEC or not? Literalist about Genesis in that? Don't be afraid to confess.

AtBC Award for Thoroughness in the Face of Creationism

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