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death before the fall is not a “problem” unique to evolution; it is a problem for any old-earth view.

Yes it is.  OEC's really got their hands full trying to deal with it, because it's a killer incompatibility, even larger than the monstrous NT-NCF gig.  

However, it is NOT necesarily true that:
If death before Adam is the issue, then Ross and Heddle* are just as heretical as Dawkins and Darwin.
One only needs to compare what D and D have written to what Ross and Heddle has written, and that much becomes absolutely clear.   Also I believe that you are NOT atheist nor agnostic.

But having said that, it IS true that the biblical Christianity only supports death AFTER The Fall -- not before.  

You can believe in wrong doctrines (to an extent, and yes we all got areas like that, nobody's perfect) and still be a Christian---but there aren't any positives to believing what the Bible opposes, and potential negatives could always result from such moves, even with God's ongoing grace on you and I.

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