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Quote (FloydLee @ Sep. 22 2009,12:54)
So an OEC like Ross, even though he denies evolution, is not compatible with Christianity, according to your point 4, for the same reason you claim evolution is not compatible.

Nope. If I am going to say that the Pope and Francis Collins are Christians, (and they're TE's of all things), what makes you think I am going to claim that OEC Hugh Ross, on whom I agree with so many more things, is not a Christian?

All you have done so far to support your claim that "Evolution is incompatible with Christianity" is try to pretend that YOUR literalist version is the "correct" view...and that Christians who don't agree with your literalist claims are "wrong."

What I found hilarious, though, was your willingness to abandon literalism when it suited you.

I hope you won't take offense when I say it looks mighty hypocritical and self-serving.

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