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What does compatible mean?

The phrase "MrSID LizardTech image decoder is compatible with Windows but incompatible with MacOS", means that it can run under Windows but it can't run under MacOS.  It doesn't mean that MrSID LizardTech is actually running on every Windows computer.  Many folks have no need for it, so they don't install it.  But if MrSID LizardTech is able to run on any Windows computer, even if it's only a single computer, then it's compatible with Windows.

"Compatible" means the same thing in the question "Is evolution compatible with Christianity?"  If evolution is held by a single Christian, then the two ideas are compatible.

FL has been going on and on about why he, as a Christian, does not hold evolution.  That's all fine and good, and I support his right to reject evolution (or atomic theory, or the spherical earth theory, or the idea that paper money has value).  But it simply doesn't address the question of whether evolution and Christianity are compatible.

The facts are these:
the Pope is a Christian who holds that evolution occurred.
Ken Miller is a Christian who holds that evolution occurred.
Michael Behe is a Christian who holds that evolution occurred.
William Dembski is a Christian who holds that evolution occurred.
There are statements (cited by deadman et al.) by Christian religions holding that evolution occurred.
There is a statement (cited earlier) signed by 3% of all American Christian clergy holding that evolution occurred.

And so on.  It is a FACT that evolution is compatible with Christianity.

FL has stated his OPINION that he wishes this fact were not true.  But "[f]acts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passion, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence." (John Adams)

FL has not yet addressed the topic of this debate.  He is behaving as if he didn't bother to install MrSID LizardTech image decoder on his Windows computer, and claims that therefor MrSID LizardTech is incompatible with Windows.

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