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Quote (oldmanintheskydidntdoit @ Aug. 28 2011,06:38)

I値l tell you what. I値l take a course in comparative genomics and you take a course in computational fluid dynamics (which is real science, not speculation pretending to be science). We値l both take the exit exams and see what happens.

Actually, in order to pass the comparative genomics exit exam all I壇 have to do is memorize what I致e been told and sold, and regurgitate it. This would require nothing but memorization. I知 pretty good at that, but I prefer to use that capability for something useful, like memorizing mathematical formulae that are applicable in my job as an aerospace R&D software engineer.

I値l write a CFD program that can be demonstrated to accurately reflect reality through empirical testing. How will you demonstrate that comparative genomics has empirically verified that evolution came about in tiny steps as opposed to profound discontinuities (the overwhelming testimony of the fossil record), and that the mechanism of random errors filtered by natural selection produced sophisticated computer code with error-correction algorithms and the machinery required to implement them?

You won稚 be able to, and that is why the two main claims of Darwinism incremental gradualism and computer code evolved through natural selection of random errors have nothing to do with legitimate science.


What Gil is doing is applied science or technology or even just engineering, not frontier science. He craves the security of working with what is already tried and tested by others, the relative certainty of mathematical calculations which can be compared immediately with the results of test procedures.

He is like a tourist who believes taking a vacation in an African safari park is equivalent to - or even better than - the expeditions of the first explorers who ventured into the area when it was still largely unknown jungle or bush. They risked failure and even death to open up regions that later tourists are able to enjoy in relative comfort and safety.

Gil did not develop the concepts of computational fluid dynamics or the equations which embody them. The real scientists were the people who did.

Real science is done when researchers venture beyond the boundaries of what is known to explore what lies beyond. They risk making mistakes, they risk failure because that is how we learn. There is nothing wrong in getting it wrong if it points us towards how to get it right.

The cargo-cult scientists at <i>Uncommon Descent</i> gloat over the apparent failures of mainstream science and pour scorn on its wilder speculations. They are like armchair spectators jeering at the mistakes of athletes on the field. It's a lot easier and safer to criticize a game than to play it.

They also fail to understand that there is nothing wrong with speculation - however fanciful - provided it is not presented as anything more certain. As others have pointed out, we need a rich soil of ideas, fertilized with whatever evidence we can glean, in which to grow good hypotheses and theories. What UD wants is a nice safe little window-box of approved and easily-managed concepts provided by the local garden center, not digging the ground and planting their own to see what comes up.

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