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I'm used to seeing UDers revel in their own ignorance, but just wow:

In Scientific American, we learn ďThNeuroscience of the Gut: Strange but true: the brain is shaped by bacteria in the digestive tract"(Robert Martone, April 19, 2011)


Then how come we donít all dissolve in the chlorine in the swimming pool?

Illion: "....grin* You have a talent!"

aedgar: "This discovery is the death knell for antibacterial soap. With the exception of course, of those who want to commit suicide. I wonder how the antibacterial soap companies will market that?"

JoeG: .... Insults scientists, silly math..."And that would be why we donít dissolve in a chlorinated swimming pool- I guess it would depend on the amount of chlorine and the time period."

Anatomy and chemistry lessons anyone?

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