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Quote (Alan Fox @ April 06 2011,17:35)
Quote (lkeithlu @ April 06 2011,12:25)
She can always come join us here; I am sure I am about to be banned for the 2nd time since 2006.

I get the feeling she may already be acquainted with the place. As to getting banned, well, you pretty much made your point. What choice do ID proponents have, really? It must really suck to maintain the pretence that there is a kernel of an idea when it is obvious to all and sundry there is only bluster. I wonder who, apart from themselves, they think they are fooling.

The really hard part must be keeping up the constant whining about discrimination against Christians while banning everyone who questions ID. Unless you've mastered cognitive dissonance, of course, or unless you're on a first name basis with Mr. Dunning and Mr. Kruger.

...after reviewing the arguments, I’m inclined to believe that the critics of ENCODE’s bold claim were mostly right, and that the proportion of our genome which is functional is probably between 10 and 20%.  --Vincent Torley, 1/1/2016

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